Ways to know she wants it

Is she giving you "come to bed" eyes

Take our quick quiz and learn the sure signs she wants to have sex with you.

Which look says "get your coat, you've pulled?"

question one image one
question one image two

Only one of these faces says, "take me home, handsome." which one?

question two image one
question two image two

Choose the look that screams She's asking for it.

question three image one
question three image two

Which expression says Back to my place now?

question four image one
question four image two

Which is the signal She obviously wants sex?

question five image one
question five image two


You got every one of them wrong!

Because the fact is you can't go on the way
someone looks at you, laughs at you,
or dances in front of you.

The ONLY way to know if someone wants to
have sex with you...is to ask them.

Remember: Sex without consent is rape.

Rape Crisis Centre